Breakfast Program

School Breakfast is Offered Daily

Student Breakfast $1.50

Adult Breakfast will $1.75 





Lunch Prices Information

The Osnaburg Local School District Child Nutrition Department continues to serve nutritious meals that children will enjoy daily. All meals meet the nutritional guidelines established by the U.S. Child Nutrition Department for school lunches and breakfasts.

ALL student breakfasts will cost $1.50

Grades K-8 may purchase student lunch for $2.75

Grades 9-12 may purchase student lunch for $3.00

Adult Breakfast- $1.75  Adult Lunch- $3.50

Milk will cost $0.60

The cafeteria will continue to offer snacks that students may purchase in addition to their lunch, ranging in price from $0.35 to $0.75 along with bottles of water priced at $0.50 for a small and $1.00 for a large.

Students who pre-pay using usually have more time to eat lunch and/or breakfast. If you are interested in more information on, please see the Pay For It below.

Free/Reduced Lunch Information

Osnaburg Local Schools offers free and reduced price lunches and breakfasts. Children from families at qualifying income levels may receive free, or reduced price, lunches. Reduced price lunches are $0.40 and reduced priced breakfast is $0.30. Children from families that receive food stamps or OWF qualify for free lunch and free breakfast through the state's direct certification process.

Fill out your 2018/2019 Application-   Free and Reduced Lunch Application 2018-2019

For qualifying families not on any state assistance, you must complete an application. This year, parents are encouraged to fill out the application on-line, have one sent home with the child upon request, or pick one up at Door #1.


Online Free/Reduced Application a How To Guide-    QuikApps_Parent_Experience_User_Guide






PaySchools Central Information

  • Please use the PaySchools Central website to see your student's cafeteria account balance, as well as, see what they are eating each day.
  • You may also use PaySchools Central to pay for your student's fees and lunches online.
  • Set up your account to receive email alerts, or low balance emails when your students account gets low
    • Select 'My Account' on the menu, and then  'My Email Options'

Manage Student Account


 PaySchools Instructions 

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