Special Announcements

  • Elementary Family Ornament and Movie Night

    Wednesday, December 13th

    6-8 pm Cafeteria

    Osnaburg Local School District
  • Open Forum Meeting

    The next open forum meeting will be Thursday, November 30th from 6:00pm-7:00pm 

    Please join Mr. Boggs to share your thoughts, questions, concerns, or ideas for the district. 

    The meeting will be held in the conference room at door #1. (Door at the flagpole)

    Call 330.488.1609 with your questions, or concerns. 

    Osnaburg Local School District

Osnaburg Local School district is committed to providing an excellent 21st Century Education for
our students. For our students to be successful in college and out in the business world they need
mastery in the core subject areas. Additionally, students need to be creative and innovative, critical
thinkers and problem solvers, and have strong communication and collaboration skills.

Osnaburg Local also believes that technology is critical for future success. We live in a high tech
society with access to a vast wealth of information via the Internet. We are pleased to announce
that we are providing our families an opportunity to purchase technology at a discounted price. We
are partnering with CDI Technology. Through this partnership, we are able to offer NEW EduGear

These Chromebooks come with FOUR years of coverage. If they fail during this time CDI will
repair the systems. The only things not covered are damage due to negligence, the battery after the 1st year, and/or if the system is lost or stolen. There is a 2 incident limit on free repairs during this time.

You will see the school approved model (bag included) on this site. Click Here 

It is the goal of Osnaburg Local for every student in the 6th – 12th grade to have a laptop to use in the
classroom. To help make this goal a reality we are offering several alternatives.

All students need to have the  Laptop Computer Purchase  form filled out. This will let us know which option you prefer for the upcoming school year.  Any families that wish to take advantage of the payment plan need to fill out the  Computer Financial Responsibility  form.



1) Family outright purchase (One time upfront payment)

     a. $284 for M4 or $354 for CMT (includes Chromebook, Chromebook bag, 4 years of coverage)

If you chose this option you will order online with the link below and the computer will ship directly to you.  When you receive your laptop, please bring it to the school – Door #1 to have software loaded onto it.

2)    Pay Over time: $76 per year for 4 years (M4) or $94/year for 4 years(CMT) (through the district)

  1. School retains all ownership of machine until final payment

If you chose this option please click on the attached link, complete the form, and return to:            
     Diana Heath

            310 Browning Street

            East Canton, Ohio 44730

3)  Students may use a laptop (or Chromebook) that the family already owns

  1. Computer must be checked and cleared by tech department

  2. Computer subject to same school rules as all others

  3. Student/family responsible for any needed software

  4. Student/family responsible for any needed repairs

  5. District not responsible for any loss/damage

If this is your choice please click the attached link and complete the usage form.  This form can be returned to your child’s homeroom teacher in September.

4)  If a family isn’t interested in one of the above options…

  1. The district will provide (as best possible) a computer for students to use while at school.  These systems will not leave school property.

If options 1-3 are not viable please contact Diana Heath at (330) 488-1609 to discuss your situation. 

School officials will load all laptops with Malwarebytes, plug ins – Flash, Shockwave, Acrobat Reader, Chrome, iTunes, Quicktime and Java. (when applicable)


If you order your computer directly from the company please bring it to school – Door #1 no later than August 1st to have this software loaded.

All laptops should be brought to school on the first day of school to begin use

Online Order

If you would like to order a computer online, please contact Joel Miles.  He will contact you to create the purchase. His e-mail is JMiles@cdicomputers.com